Importing from Blogger: Title URLs are lost.

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    Hi, I’m another defector from Blogger, which had the capability to add a URL to the title of a blog post. WordPress uses the post title as the permalink (the permalink was contained in the time-stamp of the post in Blogger). Consequently, all the post title links have been lost, and I have to go through them all and add them manually, which is incredibly tedious.

    I think it would help people in the future if the links were retained and added as maybe a reference or something to the post.



    It seems this user above was able to do what I can’t figure out how to do — how do I turn (part of) a post title into a link? The icon-edits (like the button to add a link) don’t work for the post title.
    And I went into the source code but I can’t get at it there either.



    The Post title is a link to the Post. You can’t divide it up into post title into links elsewhere.



    When I say I “add[ed] them manually”, what I meant was that I went through my Blogger blog, checking for posts with links in the title. I then copied this link and added as a link in the text in the post itself.


    title: <a href="brilliantplacetogo.html>What I did yesterday</a>
    post: I went to a brilliant place yesterday and…

    [Copy ‘brilliantplacetogo.html’ and add to text as follows:

    title: What I did yesterday
    post: I went to <a href="brilliantplacetogo.html>a brilliant place</a> yesterday and…

    The post title link in the WordPress post still links to the post itself.



    Instead of just linking each post with a name like <a href=’brilliantplacetogo.html’ which seems like a relative link, I want to put a complete url, what I thought was a definition of a PermaLink, on each post, such as, so that the post can be accessed from any search engine, independently, not having to go to the site’s home page first.

    Is that allowable on WordPress’s host program?



    Are you talking about a blog hosted at, or a blog hosted elsewhere using WordPress software? I’m not sure I understand your question, but here we can only answer questions relating to the former; for the latter, you need to go to instead of



    canyouseeme: I think you’re confusing permalinks with relative and absolute links (paths).

    A relative path is something like ../index.html, whereas an absolute path is something like

    A permalink is just a link to a post, page or whatever. In a relational database system, posts are retrieved on demand, so won’t necessarily have their own URL. I’m guessing that a permalink is a special query to the database so that the same post is always retrieved. A permalink, therefore, is just that: a permanent link to something transitory. You can use either relative or absolute paths to refer to it.

    I hope that’s clear.



    p.s. raincoaster’s point is still valid.

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