Importing From Bloogger: Freeze Up?

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    I am importing my blog from blogger ( over to WordPress ( I started the import process successfully, however when the importer told me I’d imported 100/475 posts and it stopped moving. Previously it was moving at quite a clip so I assumed the page had frozen up. I decided to clear the data and restart the import process. Again, the importer started, this time only getting to 9 of 475 posts before stopping. I restarted again and imported for the third time. Again, it stopped at 9 of 475 posts.

    I went into my post manager and some of the posts had been imported three times, despite the fact wordpress said the duplicate posts would be skipped.

    Has anyone seen anything like this? The first 100 posts went in great, pictures and all. How can I get the rest of the posts on WordPress. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.



    Better contact Support directly with your question:

    By the way, only submit one thread to the forums next time. This type of question would best fit the Support Forum. The Questions forum is more for general information requests.

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