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Importing from GoDaddy

  1. thefloridahoosier

    I tried to import my blogs from GoDaddy yesterday. I received and email saying all the imports had been successful, but nothing is showing up on my blogs?

    The blog I need help with is

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  3. Hi Gary,

    Can you let me know what kind of blogs you had hosted on GoDaddy? Were they WordPress blogs or did you use a different blogging platform?

    Depending on what kind of blogs you had at GoDaddy, you'll need to have a valid export file from each blog and use that to import the blog here at We have more information about that here: Import

    I'd also be happy to take a closer look at the blogs where you had trouble with the imports. Can you give me the links to each of the blogs where this happened?

  4. thefloridahoosier

  5. Hi there, can you also give me the links for the blogs where you tried to import the files?

  6. thefloridahoosier

  7. Thanks! I restarted the imports for those four blogs, and it looks like the imports worked this time around. :) Can you take a look at each blog and let me know if you have any other concerns?

  8. thefloridahoosier

    Thanks, looks like everything is working properly. I do have a problem with the uncommoncommonsense blog.Somehow I have a black background in the text field and haven't discovered how to change it.

  9. Here's the Parament theme description
    It's a dark theme so if you chnage to a light background here > Appearance > Background the fonts will not be visible.
    See here for details on the custom design upgrade:
    Custom design - Frequently Asked Questions

  10. thefloridahoosier

    Got it! Thanks!!

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