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Importing from movable type .txt file not working

  1. I have imported data from movable type txt file but after the import the imported blog posts are not showing up anywhere??

    I have imported the data and I get an email that says it was succesful but I can't see the imported blog posts anywhere - the file is 1 MB in size.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Not to worry. Staff will assist and I tagged this thread for their attention. Please subscribe to it so your are notified when they respond.

  3. Was the file actually generated by a Movable Type blog, or another service with a Movable Type-compatible export?

  4. It was another service with a movable type compatible export.

    This is the option below that I had from the blog page:

    Export all of your entries and comments in the Moveable Type Import Format or the Atom Syndication Format. The Moveable Type Import Format can also be used with WordPress. You may optionally define a new base URL for all of your referenced resource files.

    Base Resource URL (optional):
    Format: Moveable Type Import
    Moveable Type Import (replace line breaks with spaces)
    Atom Syndication

  5. Ok, the format of the file seems a bit different from the standard Movable Type format. Do they have any other options which match the other imports listed at Tools -> Import in your blog's Dashboard?

  6. I have saved a copy of both Moveable Type Import formats, both save as .txt files. on my hardvrive

  7. no there only these 3 options available

  8. Ok, what service is giving you the export file?

  9. I am not sure, I think this below as this is at the bottom of my blog: Powered by Apache Roller Weblogger Version BLOGS401ORA4

  10. What is the URL of the website you're importing?


  12. I have also saved it is an atom syndication .xml file, I am not sure if I can do anything with that

  13. Do you have any suggestions or ideas at all??

  14. should I save the file as a different format maybe? If so can you advise?

  15. Sorry for the delay, we're looking into this!

  16. Ok, the import appears to have been a success this time.

    Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  17. all fixed, thanks for your help

  18. You're welcome!

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