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Importing from Multiply to WordPress, Help please

  1. i want to import some political groups i host content to wordpress from Multiply, Multiply is closing, long story. the short of it is they gave us no tools to save our content, i have been there since 2007 is a lot of content, don't want to have to download all that to offline storage but don't want to lose. can you help, Multiply is fast sinking ship. am not doing one blog at time, i would be dead and gone in the amount of time that took
    Blog url:

  2. Hi there,
    Is there an exporter at Multiply you can use to create an XML export file that you can import?
    If not, do Multiply blogs have RSS Feeds?

    P.S.I have flagged this thread for a Staff response.

  3. no there is no exporter i am aware of just share to fb or twitter
    and rss feed won't help when entire site is going to disappear

    thank you for flagging

  4. As there is no exporter then the RSS feed is the next and only option. In fact it may be the only automated way to get the content out before the Multiply site closes down.

  5. thank you, might give it a try
    have so many years of archives it really stinks they knew two years ago they were going under and no tools for people have been there since site inception. what goes around comes around

  6. Hi carinaragno,

    I'm afraid we don't have a Multiply importer. Can you contact Multiply customer service via email to see if they have one available?

  7. no they don't. they were supposed to provide one due to closing but their customer service has been pretty much null and void since they abandoned blogging aspect of site two years ago. they didn't bother to inform us till this month, even though they knew for two years now.

    i did send customer request to them but am not hopeful on reply since new CEO in Philippines is laying low over legal issues with sale.

    wanted to import political groups content just for archive storage rather than downloading all but no such luck as yet

    this is great tool for anyone interested or same problem as mine, it copies website as mirror, you can browse just like online. it does take quite a while, my personal site took 8 hours but less than 1G of space.

  8. I'm really sorry to hear that. :-(

    Can you see if you can get all your content into one RSS feed? I can't make any promises, but we might be able to help manually import in that manner.

  9. i can try, that would be great for the political archives. thank you very much, really don't want political things downloaded and stored with my personal. i am sure it would take many more hours to mirror than my personal site did.
    thank you very much, will try to get rss feed for content in morning.

  10. ok am working on converting to RSS, but i don't know what i am doing so it's taking minute, it's telling me set parameters, love to if i knew what that meant :}.

    they did add export to blogger or tumblr in side rail this morning on Multiply, but unfortunately it is not working, big surprise ...

    one way or other will figure this out

  11. Aha! If you import into a Tumblr blog your could then export out of it into your blog >

  12. my thoughts too, much easier than me trying out how to convert to rss :)
    hope they actually get export tool working
    thank you

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