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Importing from Posterous failing to pull images

  1. Hi,

    I tried several times on (now deleted) and a couple of times on to import from Posterous ( While all posts appear to get imported, the images in the posts seem to be mostly linked to Posterous.

    Taking this post as an example (, the post content is fine but the image links to Posterous. However, when I look in the media library at this image, it has a WordPress URL. So, the posts, comments and media files all appear to import from Posterous but the pot then points back to the Posterous hosted media file, rather than the copy it imported.

    As an aside, I have noticed that each media file has imported multiple times (the example I give above has imported three times).

    Is there a way to: -

    a) point each post to the local copy of the media file
    b) do the above in one hit, rather than updating individual posts

    Many thanks in advance,

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello there,
    Volunteers answering questions on this support froum can't assist you with this issue. I'll flag this thread for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting.

  3. Hm, that's a tricky situation. We generally don't want to make assumptions on where images link to and change them outright, as some folks may be linking images to other sites.

    We're going to look into other options regarding this, but we probably won't have any definitive answer until next week.

    If you really want to, you could change them manually now, but you do have quite a few posts there.

  4. Thank you for the follow up. The ideal scenario would be a complete pull from Posterous to WP, media files stored and linked locally. I appreciate that every user has there own wants and wishes so I really appreciate you taking the time to look into this. There is certainly no rush.

    I did contemplate the manual update of each post but, as you mentioned, there are >500 posts so it would be a large undertaking :)

    As you are no doubt aware, Posterous was acquired by Twitter and there is a general consensus of opinion that it will likely result in the discontinuation of the service. Therefore, I am looking for a solid platform on which to base my (photo) blog. I run a self hosted WP install and really rate the functionality and features of WP.

    Thanks again for your help.

  5. Is it not pulling in the actual media? I just imported from my Posterous blog.

    It appears that even pictures which Posterous didn't originally import from my pre-Posterous blog (instead they referred to the previous location) actually seem to be imported and stored now at If I am interpreting the URLs correctly.

    For example, this old post from 2007:

    has a picture of a timepiece. The image URL seems to be here at Over at posterous it was actually a link back to my old self-hosted blog at hostgator.

    Am I misinterpreting where this image is stored?



  6. I just spot-checked many of my posts with attachments. Except for the new photo of my java sparrow posted today, all the posts were imported a few hours ago from Posterous.

    All the images, old and new, appear to have WordPress URLs of the format:

    (That was from a Posterous post I made yesterday and imported today).

    Doesn't that image now reside here at WordPress?



  7. OK. It seems for sure that WordPress is pulling in the original image sources and saving them.

    I changed the URL for my old blog from which everything was imported, including this entry (imported yesterday):

    So the original URL for the attachment is no longer valid. I tried it, and you can't get there from here.

    Yet the blog entry above still works and the media is still shown.

    So the import must have pulled in the media and stored it here at, right?



  8. Hi Doug,
    Look in your Media Library. Are the images there?

  9. Hi, TimeThief,

    Yes, the Media Library reports there are 1,097 images in the library and I can see them all there.

    Also, I'm using 160 MB of the allowed of the 3GB remaining. That must be images, because my 667 posts surely don't take up 160 MB by themselves.

    So I believe the importer is pulling in and saving the images. Unless I'm completely misinterpreting everything.


  10. Thanks for your reply. It seems you are doing fine as all the images are there. BTW don't count in the space allocation. It's only for media.

  11. The missing word above was "posts". sorry :(

  12. Thanks, TimeThief.

    So the Posterous import does seem to import the images, which is great.


  13. Just to follow up on my original post and the subsequent posts above.....

    All media appears to have been pulled into WP and stored and all posts have also pulled across successfully. I also confirm the Posterous imported works well.

    The only query I have remaining concerns the URL of the images from within the posts. Some posts now link to the local (WP) copy of the media file and some posts have a Posterous URL. It would be great if all images could be made to point to the local media file copy.

  14. Where in the post is the link? I haven't been able to find any in my blog where the image files themselves have Posterous links.


  15. Hi Doug,

    Hover over an image (eg. the one in this post and it shows a Posterous link.


  16. Craig,

    How was that post created at Posterous?

    I haven't seen any instances of that in my newly imported wp blog.

    All my Posterous entries with images were created by emailing the images to Posterous. Was yours created in a different way so there is a static image link in the message body instead? Something that wp would not have known to import?


  17. Most would have been cross posts from Instagram or via an ifttt task. Earlier posts would have been via the Posterous app or via Posterous in the browser.

  18. I see. I don't have anything coming FROM elsewhere. That may be the difference.

    Was that example post something created elsewhere and then cross-posted into Posterous?


  19. Yes, it was posted from Instagram (the bulk of the posts from the last few months are predominantly cross posts from Instagram).

  20. I guess those are somehow stored differently, or with a URL reference that somehow points back to Instagram.


  21. I think I have a long job updating links :)

    Thanks for the help Doug.

  22. I have noticed that when images are copied over, they are all scaled to 1000 pixels max dimension. Many of my images on Posterous are larger than that. Is there any way to export the images at their original resolution?

    Thanks in advance

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