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Importing from Typepad

  1. Hi. New here, I'm wanting to move my blog from typepad to WordPress. I have exported (I think) my posts to my computer. I have imported them from my computer to WordPress. When I click on import, it takes about one second and says "All done, have fun". But then I can't find the file(s) anywhere. I'm suspicious that it says done after one second because it took considerably longer for them to export from typepad.

    Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong?

  2. What's your url please, starting with http://?

  3. That's certainly a blank blog but you do have a new blog post there. Don't delete it. Since you got the 'have fun' message I think you followed the steps correctly. They're pretty self-explanatory but there is a faq entry:

    I searched for relevant forum threads but the Typepad problems that were solved had some other issues. Search is a little borked right now.

    If trying again (you didn't save your export as a .txt file, did you?) doesn't do it and if someone else doesn't have the solution, just contact support from the tab in the upper right of your dashboard when it reopens - 8 AM PDT.

  4. Thank you. I was surprised when I tried searching for "import from typepad" and it said there were no entries that fit those words. So, that's explained. I will try the link you gave.

    Also, can I just say...I just finished reading "no registration emails" thread, and that guy is a dipwad. I'd like to apologize to you on his behalf. People need to have more respect for volunteers. :)

  5. Thank you. Fortunately, people like that are few and far between. The more he said, the worse he looked.

    Happy blogging and welcome to wordpress.

  6. In general, the FAQ search works better than the forum search, AND it includes the FAQ as well as the forum. No idea why that is, but I've started using it and it's more precise.

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