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    HATE that I’m on Vox right now… there is just very little support. So interested in moving to WordPress or TypePad because I had the impression they were the same basic company. But I’m finding NO way on Vox to export and not much info here about importing from other platforms. Anybody been successful at doing this before???

    (NOTE TO SELF: Do homework before starting a random blog on a random platform!!)


    Staff and TypePad are competitors. TypePad and Vox are run by the same company (SixApart). does have a TypePad import feature; it’s possible it will work with Vox but I don’t know one way or ther other. It’s worth a try. Just create a blog, and go to the Tools / Import tab of its dashboard.

    There are two import methods for TypePad – one that requires an export file, and one that doesn’t. Maybe one of those will help.

    If it turns out there really is no way to export from Vox, I’m afraid there’s not much we (or anyone else) can do to help. It might be possible to export via your XML feeds, but that will require some experimentation and technical know-how. Failing that there’s always good old cut-and-paste.


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