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    My domain is expiring in a few days and I have no money left to find a cheap alternative, so I created

    My question: Is there anyway I can export all the posts from my paid (wordpress 2.0 blog into my free web based ( blog?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated since all the content on my old website means alot to me.



    Not directly at the moment, but what I would suggest you do is a) make a backup of your database in case you are ever in a position to host yourself again in the future and b)save your posts in RSS form in case the wordpress RSS importer is ever incorporated into

    Also, I seem to remember there being a couple of plugins that would export your WordPress blog in MT format, but I don’t know whether they would work in 2.0.1. If you do manage to track one down, you could use the MT importer. (The MT format sucks in many ways, but it has become the de facto standard and does have the big advantage of being able to handle comments.)



    actually a member from the has provided me with a movable type script and it has worked wonders, all of my posts and comments remain intact, only problem is that some of my earlier post are dated 1969 or 1970. But I really am missing the customization of wordpress 2.0

    is there any way i can change my width to 1024??



    Hi! I’m having exactly the same issue, as I plan to move. I’d love to import my wordpress installation blog to here. Good idea of saving the DB at least. Thanks J.


    rizzyc – only to use a different theme….

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