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  1. Like Blogger , would we be able to get to import it from . I really want to use the WordPress but I have been blogging on Xanga for the past 3 years . I want to import all of the stuff from Xanga to WordPress.Please Help Me !

  2. Send a feedback asking for the feature; and, for future reference, requests like this are more likely to be seen by admins if posted in the 'Ideas' forum rather than 'Support'.

  3. How do I send the feedback ? Sorry Again for the multiple postings . My apologies

  4. It's in the corner of your dashboard. Where it says 'Feedback'.

  5. Thanks a lot ! I submitted the feedback. Just wanted to ask you that is that something I can definetly keep in mind that's going to happen ?

  6. I have no idea. I'm not on the admin team; I'm just a user like you.

  7. A couple of months after the post above, an importer for the self-hosted WordPress was made (though I don't know how well it works). You could export from a local WordPress into .

  8. Hi, Foolwisdom - I'm not much of a techie so could you please explain how to use the code to import my xanga blog to wp? thanks so much. great detail would be helpful.

  9. I was hoping for the same information gastronomy requested... how do I use the code?

  10. and run on differenet software. But we can export and import our wordpress blogs back and forth between the two.

    Therefore, what foolswisdom is saying is that an exporter was created for and that you can also do a second export out of a blog into a blog.

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