Importing group blog – usernames not imported

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    I just opened a blank blog – i want to import the posts from blogger. I did an export of the posts to xml and imported them to the new wordpress blog – but all of the posts said that I was the author. So I deleted all of the posts (nearly 2,000 – which was a pain) and tried to import using the import blogger, only to get the following error: The site “” has not been registered.

    So I am curious, when that feature is up and running again, will it solve my problem? I can’t find anything anywhere about importing a group blog where each of the author names will be reflected correctly in the new blog. It would be murder to go back and add all those posts one by one, or even just to add the author names to each.

    Any thoughts?


    Howdy, we’re looking into issues with this right now. Hopefully we’ll have it sorted out shortly. Thanks for your patience.



    Hi, I’m not really clear what your answer means. Are you working on issues related with importing multiple users, or on the error I was getting and am still getting?

    Also, would you say “shortly” are we talking hours, days or weeks? :-)


    I’m referring to the error you’re seeing. We don’t have a timeline for it right now but we’ll keep working. Once it’s working there should be a way to assign author names as part of the import.

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