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    I have two blogs on, I was able to import the first one successfully, but now when I go to the import screen it shows only that blog at 100% and I don’t have the option to import another one. I hit the reset link and it still doesn’t show up. Am I able to import both blogs or only one per website?



    My guess would be only one import per BLOG.

    It’s easy enough to add a second blog to your account – go to the homepage when you’re logged in and fill in the details.

    You should then be able to do the import to that blog.





    Actually I thought you could import more than 1 blog into one here. We’ve done it for other platforms. As long as the dates and the names of the posts match up, you should be fine.

    Not sure why it won’t work for a Blogger blog. (Except for the typical “It’s Blogger. You expect it to work?” comment)

    Best bet would be to send in a feedback and ask staff. It’s probably an oversite within the code.



    /me shrugs! I did say I was guessing! ;)

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