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Importing OPML file says it works... but not. :(

  1. I just read that I could export my feeds into an OPML file - hallelujah! Did just that, saved it. Then went to Import on my Dashboard, quickly was able to browse and locate the file, then upload. It gave a list of the 111 feeds that I had in the file - and said, "Importing..." at the top of the page, and in front of each feed name something like Inserted, I think... sorry, I closed the window already - my bad!

    Anyway - I'm thrilled, right? At the bottom of the page it says that it's all done, and I can now go and manage.

    I click the link to go manage - :( - my new feed info isn't there - only my old feed info.

    Do I need to get rid of the links first? (They're called blogroll, as default.)

    Am I missing something?

    I'm afraid I need some rather rudimentary help here!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need to know which blog, what feed, all those kinds of details. Start with a link to the blog, starting with http. Paste it in here.

  3. Oops - sorry!

    There you go!



  4. Wait - when you say what feed - does that mean like RSS? Cause that's what I subscribe to when I'm subscribing to a blog...

    sorry, I'm a total rookie!

  5. Anyone?

  6. Where did you export the OPML from?

  7. From Favorites in IE, also tried - neither work.

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