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Importing photos from blogger

  1. I created anew WordPress blog, and imported the contents of two blogger blogs. One of these blogs was hosted on my own server, one was on blogspot.

    The import of both blogs worked flawlessly. The photos didn't import, though. They are just links to their locations on blogspot and on my server.

    Is there any way to import the photos? Or am I supposed to do this one-by-one, manually?


  2. I'm afraid that Blogger does not allow hot-linking so you will have to upload the images individually.

  3. Actually, the links work right now, the photos show up fine.

    However, I would like the photos to be hosted on

  4. You have to do it one by one, unfortunately. Just go to the "write post" page and use the uploader at the bottom of the screen.

    I just did this with some pictures from my old blog, and i downloaded them from the old one onto my desktop and then uploaded them into wordpress.

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