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importing posts and now width is strange?

  1. I imported some posts from one blog to another. Worked well but now I can't get the width of my new blog right. Somehow the lines are short, whatever template I choose?
    Can anyone help me, please


  2. I viewed you blog in my firefox browser and it looks just fine. I can't help you. I also I suspect that before anyone can help you would need to provide more information. For example you have not said where you imported your blog from. You have also not said what browser you use.

  3. Look fine to me as well in IE 6.0.2900 as well. Would help if you told us what specifically you're looking at. (Anyone else getting sick of me saying that?)

  4. Here's a screenshot of what part of your site looks like:

  5. Note to self: Give Nosy an album on one of my gallery installs so she doesn't have to use that advert laden site.

  6. What? I upload most my pictures from there. :(

  7. Think "gift" nosy and don't be sad.

  8. Think freedom from popups. :)

  9. Thanks guys (&dolls?), it turns out I was condusing myself with a bizar mixture of expectations and display settings


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