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    I had my blog at Bloglines and want to move what I have posted there to my blog here. It isn’t an option under “import”. Does anyone know how to do it?



    You’re going to save the RSS feed from Bloglines to your local hard drive and import using that. Bloglines doesn’t appear to give you an exporter nor is importing from Bloglines a method in even the normal version of WordPress.

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    I went to the forums with the same question as the original post-er here. This was helpful, but as I’m quite the Luddite, I needed more info than that.
    I emailed Bloglines support. As it takes 2 or 3 days to get response from them, I thought I’d post their answer here, because it may be helpful to someone else like me:

    Discussion Thread
    Response (M.M.) 07/22/2006 07:05 PM

    Hello Lisa,

    You can find the RSS version of your blog and add it into other feed readers by using this URL:

    Where USERNAME is replaced by your blog’s name.

    Customer 07/22/2006 03:55 PM
    I’m trying to find through help, faq etc, how to save all my past postings as an RSS file. Can you tell me how to do this? Not very easy to find, and I’m no techie.



    <Sniff> Oh, and I was so hopeful.

    I’m still stuck. I have my RSS.xml file saved on my hard drive. It’s ready for its new home on WordPress, bags all packed, all past posts tidily zipped up and ready to relocate. drmike above says to do that “…and import using that”. But import how? The Import function only allows for me to import from 6 specifically named systems only, none of these being Bloglines. There is no ‘try to import the hard way’ option. So I decide ‘oh what the heck, I’ll try importing with the WordPress RSS button’, and do so, and it gives me the cruel illusion of success (“All done. Have fun!) but when I go to view – no evidence of anything at all. I’m at a loss. Suggestions?



    We currently have no method of importing via RSS. At the time this thread was started, we were directing folks to a RSS-to-Movable Type translator, having folks use that and then import the resulting file.

    Best bet would be cut and paste I’m afraid.

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