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Importing posts from

  1. I've had a blog at since Oct 05, (, is there any possible way in which I can import all my posts from there to here?

  2. What export methods do you have other there?

  3. Zainub !

    You unreliable Bloxster member !
    Since Oct 05 you are a member with us !
    I even allow you to use this:
    which shows your weblog has a availability score of 100% by the way.

    What do want more from your 100% free weblog


    The Bloxster admin (really send me a mail and I will confirm !)

    By the way does the owner of worldpress takes care of any of his members like Bloxster does ?
    Nobody replied to your message in almost a year !

  4. @bloxster
    Tell me how anyone can reply the message if sundries or your so-called zainub never back since drmike asked him/her: "What export methods do you have other there?"

    Oh, by the way, it's WORDPRESS, not WORLDPRESS ;)

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