Importing posts from one blog to another

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    Hello –

    My blog used to be strictly personal, but is more public now. I am wondering if it would be possible to move certain posts – the more personal ones – to from my current blog to a new blog? I know I could do this manually, but that will sure take a looong time. Any tips or tricks I don’t know about here?

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is



    Ok – so I’ve found the Moving a Blog Tool and the Change Blog Address tool. The problem is I essentially want to take one blog and divide it into two.

    My original blog URL is which redirects to my URL

    I also have which I just signed up for and is blank.

    I would like to move the majority on my content to and have that redirect to while keeping certain posts on and no longer allow this URL to redirect to

    It might be easiest to move everything and then just select the ones I want to move back. But I have 7 years of blogs posts involved in this and it’s scary.

    Would it be best to:
    -change my blog address from to
    -then deal with the redirect to
    -then move individual posts back to

    ?? Trying to be efficient and also not lose any content. Help I guess.


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