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Importing to wordpress from blogger beta

  1. sweetserendipity

    Has anyone else had trouble doing this? It won't let me import from my beta blogger to here and I really want to!


  2. Are you getting some type of error or...

  3. sweetserendipity

    i need to log in with my blogger account but its telling me that i've logged in incorrectly, but i havent.

    i'm presuming its all down to beta blogger being just that, beta, but i wanted to make sure

  4. I'm hearing some nasty things about Blogger beta. Hopefully it will get straightened out on their end soon.

  5. Same problem here. It's a major pain in the ass.

    Beta has way too many problems to have been released in my view. Can't comment on non-Beta blogs for a start. Addling Links has been totally screwed up.

    I'll stop before I go on my rant now...

  6. I also cannot import posts from Blogger beta. The message I get in WordPress after submitting my blogger beta credentials is:

    "Login failed. Please re-enter your username and password."

    This seems similar to flickr's problem:

    I looks like blogger beta uses a different technology of some sort then the old blogger:

    What are the chances that this could be updated in WordPress?

  7. I don't believe that any volunteer on the support forum will be able to answer this question for you. The folks in sysadmin do scan these threads and provided no one tacks on any non information after I post this then they will see this and respond directly to you.

    sysadmin attention required on this thread please.

  8. The reason I switched to WordPress is all the problems I've encountered with Blogger beta, and yes, it was impossible to move my old blog here, it does not recognize my username and password as someone mentioned above.

  9. the blogger import tool was (re?)written by andy before blogger beta existed. considering how big the structural changes are in blogger beta, i'm guessing that a new tool will have to be written from the ground up.
    i don't know if google has even updated their API yet, so it might be a while.

  10. sweetserendipity

    thanks guys. It's such a shame, i really dont want to lose all my comments and posts and stuff. I hope it can get sorted.

    I was going to start another blogger blog, but with all the problems i decided against it. I'm loving wordpress tho, its so much better

  11. I copied and pasted 48 files from another blog at Blogger. It was tedious but it did the job. Consider how many posts are you talking about [rhetorical question]. As there isn't going to be an overnight fix then you could consider doing this.

  12. I've had a similar problem. I'm copying and pasting as well (177 posts!). I just figured I'd lose the comments. I find that my blogger password doesn't work anymore and instead have to use my gmail email to log in. If you're already doing that and getting an error messege, I suspect that the login for Blogger beta is now case sensitive.

    I would research it further but I just want to get the heck out of there and focus my attention on WordPress.

    Good luck...

  13. For those who are interested, here is how the new blogger beta handles authentication from 3rd parties:

  14. authentication is a long way from retrieving posts. i would assume that they plan on getting there eventually. but we'll have to wait and see.

    and yes, i've done the copying posts by hand thing twice. not fun, but definately do-able. (140-ish posts at the time)

  15. *sigh*
    fine. If you guys copied 170ish posts and comments, I suppose I can copy 170ish posts and comments.

    Damn that sucks

  16. Yeah it really does suck and believe me I feel for you. :(

  17. How to cheat:

    - Drop by and create an account there.

    - Go back to your Blogger beta site and bump up your RSS feed to a number greater that the number of posts that you have on your Blogger site.

    - Go back to, signin and Dashboard -> Manage -> Import -> RSS.

    - Import your blog via RSS.

    - Go back though and double check your posts at to see if anything looks weird.

    - At export out a WordPress packet at Dashboard -> Manage -> Export. Save file to the desktop.

    - Import that to your site.

    - Drop me a note at support ( at ) daria ( dot ) be if you would and I'll go ahead and delete your account there. (unless you want it of course)

    Hope this helps. Don't know if it would work. Haven't seen anyone try it yet.

  18. Thanks drmike. I'll give it a try when I've got some time.

  19. I've confirmed this. It's working. Thanks drmike.

  20. - Go back to your Blogger beta site and bump up your RSS feed to a number greater that the number of posts that you have on your Blogger site.

    How do i bump up my RSS feed? i only seem to be able to upload 26 posts from my blog's rss. Any ideas?

  21. kenshi89 - send in a feedback / support ?
    I have something I want to try. Your data will be safe.

  22. sorry but i don't understand what it's mean "bump up"
    i'm here in my blogger's dashboard, in Site Feed. Is here?

    thnx in advance.

  23. I also have no idea how to "bump up my RSS feed" in my blogger beta blog. Can someone explain it in more detail?


  24. I'm also having the same problem would some sort this out.

  25. Same here. How does one "bump up" an RSS feed? I tried asking via feedback, but I'm not getting anywhere.

  26. I dont have RSS feeds can this be done through Atom feeds

  27. I just drmike suggested and beleive this will work good enough. The only problem I experianced was with the RSS feed. Blogger seem to focus on the Atom feed. I wonder how long time it takes for the Blogger to "bump" up the RSS feed after I have initiated it. I noticed I had a 3 days old RSS but a daily fresh Atom

    Anyone who knows how to convert my atom to rss, so I get a fresh rss I mean.

    I will then change back the settings on blogger until WP is up and working. However, I did not check if the comments where still there.

  28. Not a clue but you can try using the bit above and see if you can import the Atom feed within the RSS importer.

  29. Here's a method but a quick looksee at it shows that it's not for everybody.

  30. Hi drmike

    I've started the transfer process by using your "cheat" method. I created an account at, downloaded the RSS feed from the old site to my hard drive. Then went back to the site and did the "import" step.

    What I found I have is the headnotes from most of the posts. I do not have the full text of the posts. There are no categories (easy to fix).

    At least I have the original date and time for each post. But it really is a lot of work to fill in everything for every post by hand.

    Did I do something the wrong way? The old site doesn't have a tool for doing anything about the number (not even seeing how many) of posts on the blog. So I did nothing in regard to "bumping up the number."

    Okay. While I'm in the process of getting things imported and set up, is it possible for me to start blogging on WordPress before I import or should I wait until after? What will happen if I start blogging before completing an import?

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