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    And there I did it again. I didn’t notice my wife’s account was logged on this machine.



    Drmike’s advice worked great for me. Only problem was I couldn’t get the comments and it was a pain to delete all those posts one by one from daria, since I needed to import the blogs of my friends too. :)

    Here’s the working importer guide I compiled on the thing I learned on this forum. End your blog addres with:


    This gives you the latest 100 posts in an RSS feed. Then you can up the start-index number like so:


    To get the next 100. And so on.

    Then import them to and then to anywhere you like.

    This guide won’t work on Old Blogger, since I couldn’t get feeds from that, but luckily we have an Old Blogger importer for that.



    *chuckle* You could have asked me and I would have deleted your posts. Would have taken me 2 seconds. :)

    That and you can create more blogs on my own system, not just one.



    blogger isn’t in beta anymore and I wonder if we will ever be able to move our blogger info to wordpress. I think this will mean I will have to stay with blogger. Everyone on this message board seems to have encountered problems. I wonder if there is any straightforward way of doing the import that that won’t intimidate ‘dummies’ like myself?



    Staff have this on their “to do” list and once that has been accomplished the import and export will be easily accomplished as it was with original Blogger (not Blogger Beta) imports. Please be patient.



    I’ve been following all the Blogger Beta import threads for a few weeks now and I just wanted to thank the WordPress staff and regulars for *their* patience. I, too, am looking forward to the day that I can import my Blogspot blog to WordPress, but I understand that it will take time, and that it must feel like you are being deluged with posts on the subject. Let us know when you’re ready for us, and good luck until then!



    Using worked a treat for me, but only up to a point!
    The daria blog imported almost perfectly. But when I tried to import in turn to my primary blog, wordpress timed out.
    This is probably because I have 900+ posts, but that’s probably not exceptional. I’d say I have about a third transferred.
    My question now is, if I re-import using the same file, will the duplicates just overwrite, or will I end up with a mess?
    And how do we go about getting the timeout setting changed to accommodate large imports?



    And I’ve since found that the dates are screwed up. Not sure where this happened…



    Dr Mike should be back online in a couple of hours to answer your questions. He probably hasn’t had his morning coffee yet.



    It’s the 900 posts. Biggest amount I’ve ever been able to import in is about 200 at a time.

    If you open up the xml file in a text editor like Notepad, you can edit it. Each post is contained with ‘item’ tags like regular html. Just delete the posts that made it over.

    WordPress shouldn’t be importing dupe posts. Again you can delete them from your xml file. They’re imported in order so it shouldn’t be an issue.

    And you need to point me at an example of the incorrect date please so I can see what is occuring. Both on your old blog and the one if you could.




    Same problem here.

    Same reason why I switched to WordPress.




    how long will it take for wordpress to figure out how to import blogger beta posts to wordpress? its annoying.



    Maybe they’re waiting for someone to step up to the plate and write the code to do it. Please remember that is based on Open Source software. If you read the trac, most patches and fixes are created by endusers.

    Oh, and no coffee. It’s the end of the month and I’m out of spendable cash. :(



    Thanks for the response drmike.
    If you look at September, you will see a large number of posts for September 18, almost all of which are misdated. Additionally, I’ve found that many posts have been stripped of their main target link.
    I don’t have the original blog any more, as crispynews unilaterally closed their community sites at short notice. It’s simply gone.
    What I do have is a csv file that appears to have everything intact.
    I’m wondering now if there is any way I can undo the import, and use the csv data.



    I’m in Firefox and have navigated to my blogger feed. I see all of my posts; so far, so good. What is the proper way to save this file as an RSS feed that daria can read?



    gecko – You don’t save the file. You input the URL of the feed over at

    bohsnews – which blog am I looking at?



    When I click on Manage -> Import -> RSS, I’m presented with a page that asks for a file to upload. Entering the feed URL, it responds that no file was uploaded.



    Oops my mistake. It used to be the URL of the feed. Donncha must have changed it on me. :)

    I would just save it to your desktop as a *.xml file.

    If you would rather have me import it, zip up the file and email it to me at theapparatus at gmail dot com or send me the url of the rss feed.



    ‘bohsnews – which blog am I looking at?’
    imported via



    From Firefox, I navigated to my feed:

    File -> Save Page As

    Filetype: Web Page, XHTML only

    I then used the saved file to import to Daria and followed the remaining instructions outlined earlier in this thread.

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