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Importing to wordpress from blogger beta

  1. Paves wrote:

    Here's the working importer guide I compiled on the thing I learned on this forum. End your blog addres with:


    This gives you the latest 100 posts in an RSS feed. Then you can up the start-index number like so:


    To get the next 100. And so on.

    Thanks VERY much, Paves. That was exactly what I needed.

  2. Guys,

    Just perfect the help that you give to me! I finally bring my Blogger posts to WordPress. The help from Paves was right in the point. =)

    Thank you, very much. (And sorry about my poor English.)

    See ya!

  3. Just for reference, there is now a ticket with the trac system for regular WordPress to create a new Blogger importer. It's marked highest importance and has the milestone of 2.2 if you recongize how the wp version numbers translate into WPMu version.

    From the discussion on the mail list, it appears to be an issue with how Google is doing their login API.

    Also, for reference, there's a beta importer via RSS that's been released for regular wordpress. I note that here as the author goes on about the issues that he or she is facing as well as point out there's been 4 upgrades in less than a month on it as well.

    It appears not to be a fun issue.

    And all because Blogger won't release an exporter. :)

  4. I, like many other people, am looking to import my 'new' blogger entries into a blog, but I was thinking of taking a different tack on the whole issue, that being to create an xml file for wxr file to use the 'import' feature on

    My problem then is that I don't know the conventions/syntax used for such files. If someone would be kind enough to point me to information about how such files are organized, I am content to copy/paste (tedious, I know) my blog entries and their comments and create a file that any one of's importers would understand.

    Besides, this would allow me to fix some of the date related errors that cropped up in my original blog posts and which I have had no recourse for fixing... very annoying. :-p

    Anyway, I would appreciate it if anyone could direct me to where I could find the information for the contextual/syntactical conventions and/or provide a link; I haven't had much luck in finding it myself, embarrasingly enough.

  5. @cheirglypha
    I know this does not address your question but perhaps you may be prepared to wait a little longer. In another thread today Mark, our Support Maven advised a blogger that staff will have an importer/exporter for Blogger blogs ready very soon.

  6. Thanks for the quick reply, I'm not in a super hurry so I'm definitely willing to wait a bit; although, the more I think of it the more tempting it is for me to do the import semi-manually simply to fix all of the date errors that cropped up in my original entries.

    Unless, of course, allows for a blog entry's date to be edited? This date editing would obviously be less of an issue if I was using the version, since I would have control/access over the files, but... I looked around for the option to edit dates on and didn't find anything.

    If that is indeed the case, it seems that as time-consuming as it might be, this would be an opportunity for me to fix these date issues where it seems I would be unable to with the upcoming importer, otherwise.

    Or am I off on this? :-)

  7. Yes, we can change our date and time stamps individually on each post. There is no method other than doing this a post at a time.
    We can also schedule posts for publication at future dates

  8. Oh! Very, nice. Thank you. :-D

  9. Hmm. I did just notice that you said only one post at a time, so... that could get very long and involved. *chuckle* But, at least it's there.

    Thanks again.

  10. You're welcome. :)

  11. I've used to import. How do I delete the blog now? (

  12. Over there at d.b -> Dashboard -> Options -> Delete blog. I believe it send you an email to confirm the deletion as well.

    Either that or drop me a note at support at that domain and I'll do it when I get it.


  13. Umm ... the same way you delete one here .. using the delete blog button => Dashboard = Options => click "Delete Blog"
    But I would recommend you consider the value of retaining it for back-up reasons ie. mirroring.

    Apologies for simultaneous typing.

  14. Thanks to both! I'd keep it for back-up if I could keep it private, but it doesn't seem to allow that in the same way as a blog...

  15. Oh yes it does - it's a wordpress MU platform like this one. I'll let drmike explain the privacy settings "how to" to you on the other forum. It's not appropriate to discuss it here.

  16. Deleted.

  17. Check.

  18. I have 3 really great blogbuds who - this week - imported flawlessly from BLOGGER BETA. So, I'm wondering if perhaps people are getting confused somewhere?

  19. There is no confusion the Blogger Beta importer just came on line. Prior to that, the work around referred to in this thread was used by other Blogger escapees.

  20. LOL @ blogger escapees!

  21. The only importer now on the backend is the one from Blogger Beta. We had another thread here where someone mentioned in passing that folks over there are now required to upgrade to the new version.

  22. They are required to upgrade to the new one. Half of the people can't upgrade to it for various reasons. I was one of those people who could not upgrade. I didn't want to upgrade, anyhow - as the new program did not offer enough features to merit all the hassle. So old users can no longer comment with the new beta people and vice versa. And there are a whole slew of other problems with the old and new beta; which didn't used to exist, but do now.

  23. I am getting an error when I try to import from blogger to wordpress:

    The page you have requested cannot be displayed. Another site was requesting access to your Google Account, but sent a malformed request. Please contact the site that you were trying to use when you received this message to inform them of the error. A detailed error message follows:

    The "next" parameter was bad or missing.

    Anyone can help out here?

  24. uncomfortablesituations

    I am getting the same error as gdtigers. Did you ever figure out what was going on?

  25. I think you need to contact Blogger if the error is on their end.

  26. So, where are we currently at with this issue?

  27. Contacting Blogger if the error is on their end. Or are you having a different issue?

  28. Things used to work on Blogger till Beta came along. I have a couple of Blogger blogs I can no longer access because log in fails. Basically, I gave up and started afresh in WordPress. I didn't have a big archive, but what happened to me at Blogger made me very wary. Sorry. This ain't helping.

  29. jrb0473, importer works and has for quite some time. (Strange that you found this old thread since there've been many since then discussing the new importer.)

    Dashboard -> Manage -> Import -> Blogger

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