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    Hi, I’m new to CSS and basically, I’ve created my website on Dreamweaver, but I want to integrate my WordPress blog into my website, which I’ve done but obviously the theme is default and it doesn’t match my website. I have all the HTML on the Dreamweaver Template that I use for every page on my website, but I don’t know how to design my blog in the same way. I’ve searched for ages, but I haven’t found anything that is actually helpful.

    Can anyone help and give me an answer on how to design my blog appearance the same as my website?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but that’s can can do on a free hosted blog. There is not FTP access to free hosted blogs. We cannot add themes at wordpress.COM, we are limited to the themes found in the dashboard under Appearance > Themes.

    Also note that CSS is theme specific, so you cannot use the CSS stylesheets from other themes with the themes here at wordpress.COM so you cannot use the CSS stylesheets from other themes with the themes here at wordpress.COM.

    It will allow you to stylize the appearance of themes you find here > Appearance > Themes, but it does not allow you to change the functionality, by editing the underlying template. It does not allow you to remove footer links to the theme designer or to If you are considering purchasing the upgrade, you can go to Appearance > Edit CSS. There wordpress has provided a preview function where you can try before you buy.

    If you do purchase the upgrade be sure to read this article before starting your editing > There is no official Staff support for the CSS upgrade, and precious little Volunteer support, please be patient and consult tutorials found here > while waiting for a Volunteer to help you. :)



    As TT has stated above you will need to recode the CSS to fit the underlying HTML of the theme you decide to use. It will require at least basic knowledge of CSS depending on the design of your dreamweaver-created site. If you post a link to your non-WordPress site so I can see the layout I might be able to offer some advice.



    I appreciate your answers, its good to finally have a solid answer.

    my website is and the wordpress account I’m trying to match to the theme of the website is

    #584037 is a self-hosted installation of the wordpress.ORG software and support for those is at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ .

    These forums are for those hosted here on the wordpress.COM hosting service and there are key differences. If you do not know the difference, see this support document: .



    It looks like the blog page is using an iframe to display


    At the bottom of , it says “proudly powered by WordPress” and links to wordpress.ORG.

    If you click on “blog” at then it takes you to a page with an iframe ( and the blog you reference.



    I’m aware of that, this is my current set up.

    I want to change it so I dont have the blog embedded in a table, as when I link people to a post, it directs them to and not to



    Since you are wanting to change you will still need to get help from WordPress.ORG as what you want to change is not hosted here.


    You can redirect everyone coming to to if you wish by getting the site redirect upgrade here.

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