Importing WordPress blog, but problems with size of XML file

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    I’ve got a wordpress installation, however, I need to move my webhost ASAP.

    I’m doing a test import of my wordpress blog just to see how it comes out, however, I’ve run into problems. On, yhe import times out and does not complete. I did a test install on my server, and it gives me an error due to the maxfile size set in php.ini.

    The size of the XML file is 35 MB, is that too big? Is there anyway to split the file into smaller chunks? I just want to make sure that my blog is going to be useable when I switch hosts. Thanks in advance.



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    There is not way to break up the file without doing it manually which can be difficult since you would be editing it in a text editor with a 35meg file. I have one that is 8 megs and that was a pain to break up. Depending on the host, they might be able to help you with temporarily turning off the limits on for your max file upload and running it when the host thinks the server load is the smallest. I am sure there are plenty of posts on this issue in the forums as once you leave, that is where you need to be. Breaking up the file will also be covered in several posts in those forums (I have commented on several of them myself).


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