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    I’ve read up on how you can import Tumblr posts into your WordPress blog, however, is there any way to import a WordPress blog into a Tumblr account without cutting/pasting content manually? I assume this type of question may be better suited for a Tumblr forum/support, but any suggestions would be helpful.

    I already have a feed set up for my Twitter and Facebook accounts and would like to have another medium for my blog to be out there and seen.

    Here’s my blog address if necessary:

    Thanks in advance!

    The blog I need help with is



    I wrote up a article on how to port your wordpress content over to a tumblr blog through a feed here is the article link



    You just go to your Dashboard and add a Feed. Dead easy.



    By the way, duplicating material is a terrible idea. It’ll cause search engines to throw BOTH blogs off a cliff (once they become aware of the Tumblr, that is. Which can take some time, Tumblrs being notoriously un-search engine friendly). Honestly, you can do this, but it will not do you much good; quite the contrary, if you want my advice.



    Raincoaster speaks the truth.

    (1) Duplicate content penalty. Ever heard of it? This penalty is applied by Google and possibly other search engines when content found on your website is largely the same as what is found elsewhere on your site or on other websites across the internet and you will be penalized for it. Read what Google thinks about duplicate content here

    (2) SEO and tumblr blogs. The problem with tumblr blog post urls is that they lack “keyword” elements in the urls. You can address this to some degree by cliking “customize” then clicking “advanced” and finding this box and checkmarking it and saving it and then following through when you create posts.
    ____ Use descriptive URLs
    This will add a short text summary to the end of your post URLs, e.g.:

    The truth is that If you want a blog that ranks well on Google you would do yourself a favor by not using Tumblr. If you want a blog just for fun and don’t care about PageRank then get a tumblr blog and have fun with it.



    Thanks everyone for the help and links!

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