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Importing WordPress Blog into Facebook Fan Page

  1. Hey...I just saw this really cool video that shows how to automatically import your blog into Facebook notes:

    I was able to do it for my personal blog with no problem. But does anyone know if this can be done on a "Fan Page"? e.g.:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have the same question. Very useful feature and it would be even better if we could use it on a "fan page".

  3. Why not ask the developers of the Notes app? This isn't a WordPress issue.

  4. Good idea, I will

  5. If anyone is still looking, I was trying to figure out the same info and everyone said it was complicated... it's not. Log into Facebook and go to your fan page. Then click on the edit page button below the pic box in the top left corner. Scroll down to the applications and look for notes and click edit. Then click on the import blog and put in your info. It's the exact same as doing it for your personal profile, just under the fan page editing area. Hope this helps!

  6. bocraw, thanks for the video tip!

  7. You are welcome mythrider. The only disadvantage to doing that is that it messes up your stats on your blog since people do not view your post directly on your wordpress page.

    Thanks for the kind words of encouragement on my blog!

  8. It doesn't mess up your stats if you do a snippet with the "Read More" going directly to your WP blog.

  9. Greenlasagna...mine pulls the entire post in to FB even though I use the "more" tag in the post.

  10. So I saw once I did the steps listed above it pulled all my current posts to my FB fan page. So now, do I have to continually do a pull every time I make a new post on my blog or is there a way to auto update from now on? I've tried every plugin I could and still no go. The best I could get was to post directly to my personal profile. If I have to pull manually every post, does it just update the 1 new post or try to import all posts again?


  11. Bottom line: this isn't a wordpress.COM issue.

  12. By the way, now that Facebook is open to Google, posting your entire post on FB means that Google and other search engines will drastically downgrade your blog, considering it to be spam.

    I use and the Networked Blogs application, both of which only post snippets and thumbnails. And FB is my #2 referrer.

  13. elitepropertyshop, Thank you so much for the tip!!!

  14. Hi raincoaster,

    I couldn't find the Networked Blogs application on Did they change that recently?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  15. I'm wondering if everyone who gas posted here has read what raincoaster said. Creating duplicate content can result in slaughtering your blog's PageRank.

  16. There is a suitable alternative that ENHANCES your blog stats instead of detracting from them. I use the FB application RSS Graffiti for both a fan page and my personal page. (Actually, just switched my personal page today).

    Here is the link:

    I tried several RSS applications in FB before settling on this one. I have used it for weeks with the Fan Page and had no issues. It post a snipits of your WP posts to your wall-- but friends have to click the link and go to your blog to view the whole article. It is perfect. Happens automatically.

    Hope this helps. Glad I can finally contribute a useful tip to the forum considering how many questions I've posted.

  17. Thanks for sharing that. :)

  18. @globalcnp Networked Blogs and GetSocial are completely different. GetSocial is a bit of code you put into your posts for the share toolbar, while Networked Blogs is an app on Facebook itself

  19. Networked Blogs still works on Facebook. My main point was that you shouldn't import the entire post, but rather a snippet and a link to point people to your actual blog. Yes, fewer people will read it on Facebook, but this avoids the unintended side-effect of search engines downgrading you for duplicate material. ANY Facebook app that lets you post a snippet and a link will do this. Importing the entire post is now a very bad idea, since Facebook is now transparent to search engines. It didn't used to be this way.

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