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    I’ve got a blog I host myself in WordPress 2.0, but the hosting company has imposed some weirdness on its MySQL implementation and it is kinda broken – feeds do not work and comments are busted.

    I have backed up the SQL and would love to import it to a blog.

    Of course asks me for a WXR file.

    Is there any way to do this?



    If you carefully read the FAQ you will find that is running an different code than downloads. Here we are on a MU (multi user) code. I think if you read the FAQ and documentation you may be able to answer your own question prior to drmike’s return tomorrow. For example on MU we cannot alter our templates and we cannot use java script, etc. for security reasons. Although I can’t guarantee that you will find the specific answer to your question I think it would be worth the effort to read the information and understand the differences between the two code bases.



    The builtin feature is coming.

    Best bet would be to export in an MT format and import that. You can find a decent exporter here. Place that in your WP’s root directory and call it from your browser. It will export all of your Posts and Pages into a file you cna import here.

    You can try emailing support at this domain and explaining that you have a MySQL that you would like imported. They have done this on occasion but I’m not sure what policy is on it.



    Almost there … sorry to be such a pain.

    The script produces a browser window fulll of all my posts, comments, pages etc.

    I saved that as a .txt file and claims to have imported it, but the content does not appear.

    I suspect I have missed a step somewhere?



    Did you get have any draft posts show up when you tried to import it?

    What browser are you using? If it’s IE, you have to also save it as a Text file under the ‘Save as type:’ line.

    When you tried to import it, did it recognize any of your authors?

    How big is the file you’re trying to import?

    When it said that it had imported the file, did it list any of the articles?



    Nothing showed up when I imported.
    It recognized nothing!
    The file is 130k
    It listed nothing!
    I use Firefox.



    Actually … it all just clicked and started working. Thanx for help.

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