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Importing blog database info here

  1. I was hosting my personal blog on my own site using I had a stalker and went into my ftp account and deleted all the files, but didn't touch the database.

    The situation has been resolved, and now I'd like to import all that db info here, to start a new blog but with my old posts intact. I can see them using myPHP, so I know they are there.

    Is that possible? How would I do this?

    Thanks so much,

  2. I don't know if it helps, but I've tried exporting the database, but I'm only given these options:

    Microsoft Excel 2000
    Microsoft Word 2000
    CSV for MS Excel

    None seem to work when I try to upload them to my new blog here.

    Thanks again

  3. Export the .sql file (zipped please) , then send it to [email redacted]
    Tell me the name of the blog you want it imported into (I don't want to assume I know) and I'll take care of that :)

  4. Wow, thanks Mark! That's why I Adore WP


  5. Done, and I'm off to donate and buy some credits. Thanks so much.


  6. Completed.

    The above applies to anyone else too who wants to import data.
    All I ask is that you first drop all stats data and tags data. materialmama's file was perfect but I have had seriously huge files sent before.

  7. Wow, THANKS! It looks just perfect. Nice to be perfect in some way LOL.

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