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    Hi, I’m trying to move my blog from one blog to another by rss. I exported the rss feed into mt with rss2mt, and imported it into my blog.

    The import seems to be successful, as the posts show on my Manage Posts page, but they don’t show on my blog unless I republish them. Also, the new posts all have links to the original post (on my old blog) at the bottom. What am I doing wrong?

    ps: Also, the longer posts don’t show fully after being converted to mt format.



    I believe that (by default) all imported posts have a status of draft rather than published. I think you’ll need to go through and publish each one manually. A daunting task if you have more than 10 posts or so…

    I can’t answer your question about the links (for definite), but I suspect it’s because the original RSS feed will have provided a link to every one of the original posts. This would be so that RSS Readers can point the reader at your blog.



    It’s been a while since this topic was started. Now I have the same problem. I’ve imported my old blog entries, but they’re all set to be drafts. The posts AND comments… that means editing hundreds of posts manually. Whoosh! Is there any solution for this? Thanks.



    Which import method did you use? We can’t help you unless you tell us what you’re doing.



    I’m sorry, I tried importing using an rss file. I have my own WP installed but I want to use my webspace for other pusposes now, so I decided to move my blog to I have imported seperate rss feeds for comments and posts. The comments now show up as posts… in draft status. The posts do look good but it’s just that they are all in draft status. Thanks and sorry again.



    Allright, being impatient sometimes helps. I used the wordpress-to-wordpress plugin. Works like a charm.

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