Impossible to Make Line Breaks in Posts

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    Here’s the scoop without all the political commentary and BS:
    Safari 2 and 3 will strip out the extra paragraph breaks between paragraphs with the rich text editor active. It’s on the page timethief references on the upper right under “Personal Options”. Uncheck the check mark to the left of “Use the visual rich editor when writing” and then click update profile

    Regardless of whether all browsers in the world, now, or in the future, or in some alternate reality use the same “webkit” Safari has problems with the TinyMCE editor in rich text mode.

    My suggestion to get away from the problems is to download Firefox or Camino, which work with the visual rich text editor. Firefox only works with 10.3.9 or later, so if you are using an earlier version of the OS, download Camino.



    I’d still put it in the way you did it some posts above:

    TinyMCE (Visual) editor has problems with the Safari.

    TinyMCE claims it supports Safari partially (as I get them), but its support is not complete yet.

    also, I can’t get TinyMCE editor working in the non ‘rich text’ mode even (whatdothemcallit ‘Code’?) in the Opera. fwiw, Opera works fine with other RTE.

    anyway, all the JS driven RTE are plainly suck. all of ’em, TMCE is not an exclusion — see because they will never never be able to provide a x-browser compatibility.

    WP (and other “coomunity owned” CMS) users gotta wait for *free* RTE either made on Adobe Flash or, for nothing better, as Java applet. period.



    i’m using Internet Explorer and it’s impossible to make Word Press use line breaks, nothing i try works. i use code and it prints the code as part of the text. Useless, user-unfriendly, buggy, crap system.



    I’ve been having the same problem. I use Safari and when I publish or edit a post, all the line breaks disappear and my entire post appears as one enormous paragraph.

    I’ve turned off the editor and am also going to try writing my next post with Firefox or Netscape.

    One other thing for the Safari folks. If you write in the ‘code’ tab instead of the visual editor tab and put the breaks in, it will publish correctly. The only problem with that is… if you go to edit the post, you’ll have to go back into code again and separate out all your paragraphs again. It’s truly annoying.



    When you enter code, it has to be done in “code” view, not in the visual rich text editor, or it will appear just as standard text. Are either of you using Safari? All versions of Safari do not play nicely with wordpress and the TinyMCE editor.

    My suggestion to make your blogging experience smooth is to download Firefox and use it for working on your blog.



    I am also on a Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11 using Safari 3.0.4 and I’m having the same problem.
    When I go into code mode and manually enter <br> the breaks show.
    Any hints as to when this problem will be resolved as it can be quite annoying, especially since the <br> in code is removed when I go to edit a post.

    Any help would be welcome.

    – France Hopper


    That’s up to TinyMCE, the people who write the editor used here. They have only gone from “experimental” to “partial in a year, so I wouldn’t look for it too soon. As I said,

    My suggestion to make your blogging experience smooth is to download Firefox and use it for working on your blog.



    I’ve posted this in another thread recently, but for Mac users I would heartily recommend Flock as your browser of choice. Its built-in blog editor will publish to WordPress blogs without stripping out line breaks, etc. I’m now using it all the time and it’s a doddle!


    Thanks for posting that. I’ve intended to download Flock and play with it some but haven’t had the time. I’m glad it’s working for you and it gives Mac users another option until TinyMCE becomes compatible.



    I am using V2.3.1.

    I had a similar problem trying post html in a pre tag. It all ended up on one line.

    I determined the problem was when the post was output on the blog and not in the HTML editor.

    There is a function called clean_pre in: /wp-includes/formatting.php that replaces all br tags.

    So I changed:
    $text = str_replace(‘
    ‘, ”, $text);
    $text = str_replace(‘<p>’, “\n”, $text);
    $text = str_replace(‘</p>’, ”, $text);

    //$text = str_replace(‘
    ‘, ”, $text);
    //$text = str_replace(‘<p>’, “\n”, $text);
    //$text = str_replace(‘</p>’, ”, $text);

    And now I can have as many br tags as I want.


    Since you are self-hosted and using the software downloaded from, you need to direct your question to . uses a multi-user version of the software which is different and few, if any, here know anything about it.

    7 Things to Know Before Posting in Forums or The difference.”


    I just read your post a little more carefully and thank you for posting it. Although here on, we do not have access to any of the php files, it is a good thing for staff to know, and since I also have my own self-hosted blog with this problem, I now have a fix to try out. Once again, thanks for posting this and please post it to the forum as well.


    I had this same problem and I’m using Leopard 10.5 Safari 3 (non-beta). I found that in order to do a paragraph break I had to put my cursor in front of the first word of the paragraph I just wrote and click on the tinly little P that appears below the text box… it highlights the whole paragraph. So I’m assuming that’s how it’s done on Safari 3. Haven’t had any problems since doing that.

    My first hour of setting up and writing my first post was annoying because it wouldn’t hold the paragraph breaks.


    Thanks so much for posting that I’ll have to give it a try.


    Hmmm, I’m on Safari 3 also, and it’s not working for me, it still takes out the extra line and makes everything one paragraph.


    Are you typing with normal breaks? Hitting the return key? Do the P thing after you’re finished writing.

    After I do that, and I’m finished typing I go back up to the first paragraph and put my cursor at the very beginning of it. At the bottom of the text box is the word Path: P <— I click on that and it highlights that first paragraph… then I move my cursor down to the next paragraph… click on that P and it highlights the second one… etc….

    I’m in Visual mode when I do this.

    Save and Continue Editing and see if it holds. It’s been working continuously for me this way. Weird way to do it.


    Yup, that’s exactly what I did, and it did nothing for me.


    wow!… hmmmm

    I’m all new to this, figured that was the way to do it.
    I just tried it again……. this time doing nothing, and it held. Wouldn’t group it all together so now I’m confused!

    Do I use the P thing or not?


    Are you using the visual rich text editor or the basic editor (“use visual rich text editor” deselected in users > my profile?


    I have it selected…

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