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Impossible to Make Line Breaks in Posts

  1. Posting seems to be a real coin toss lately. I've had FF (Mac and Windows) and IE both suffer stripped paragraph breaks only to - as quisitio points out - have it not strip them the next time. I edit a published post and the paragraph breaks stay, then I edit it again and they are stripped out.

    This is complete madness. On one of my blogs I've been using the Ecto offline editor, but on the other one I've been using the wordpress editor and I think I'm now going to switch to Ecto on everything since I'm getting tired of fighting with the paragraph breaks in the wordpress editor.

    It just ain't worth the grief.

  2. I'm getting the same problem.
    I use the latest Firefox version, and had no problem with my early posts, but since last night, line breaks are a lucky dip; sometimes they work, sometimes they don't.

    Sorry if I sound stupid, but what is "Rich text"?

  3. BTW, the text getting all scrunched up happens with the latest Safari For Windows beta too:

    As well as Safari on the iPhone/iPod Touch. This particular post might be of interest for iPhone/iPod Touch users as it pinpoints the problem with the Visual Editor:

    Someone reminded me I should use the Code (HTML) view as Default and I've switched and will be redoing the iPhone/iPod Touch test either today or tomorrow.

    Right now, I use a PC with Firefox for posting from a desktop and have never had line break problems as I had testing Safari. (I have had other formatting problems which are apparently attributable to bugs in the TinyMCE Visual Editor; but I've learned how to work around a nagging one dealing with blockquoting.)

  4. czechgreenways

    I am using Firefox on Windows, and I am having the same line break problems that are being described here.

    All that I ask is, the Code Editor should give me control. It is called a code editor, so what you type sould be what you get.


  5. Go to users > my profile and turn off the visual rich text editor and you should be able to put in paragraph breaks and such and not have them stripped out. Also under options > writing, make sure "automatically correct nested XHTML is unchecked."

  6. Utterly and totally not acceptable. Are you listening Oh mighty WP code jockeys? Use Qumana and guess what?

    Sometimes it works and sometimes it don't.

    And what really adds injury to the insult this sort o BUG RIDDEN 'CODE' is that you cannot fix it in the code window. can do. Code entered in that window...well, sometimes it's saved and sometime it ain't.

    Good, good, good thing is free that's fer sure.

    This is one pathetic platform in this regard.

  7. I haven't read this entire thread, but just want to say that you guys are awesomeness for recommending Flock as a browser. It looks like it'll work really well. I had been incredibly frustrated with the editor in WP using Safari on WinXP, but I'll give Flock a go, and see what happens.

  8. Okay, so if I'm a Mac user who only uses Firefox and has the visual editor turned off and has the nested XHTML unchecked and still cannot add multiple line breaks, despite trying all the variations of
    and <p> .... then what?

  9. that would be, of course, < br > and < p > variations both...

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