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    I have not so far seen this question asked. Someone with a long adversarial history with me (on the internet) has created a blog with a title one letter different from my own. Because this person posts in venues which are, in general, similar to my own, this person is already being mistaken for me.

    I’ve blogged about it, given my readers a heads up and created a page about it. Is there anything else I can do? Another wordpress blogger, worried that this trend might catch on where there are intense political differences involved, created, like, almost a hundred blogs with names almost like her blog’s name just to make sure nobody did this to her! I understand why, too, it is really disturbing and upsetting.

    Is there anything I can do? An attorney has suggested I seek legal help! I thought first I’d talk to you guys.




    Best bet would be to submit a feedback with specifics. We’re not setup here in the forums to deal with policy issues. You’re going to have to talk this one directly to staff.

    Good luck,



    Attorneys ALWAYS suggest hiring an attorney, fyi. It’s in their interests.

    BUT: If this is seriously impacting you rather than just being an annoying “me-to”ism, I would suggest you contact a lawyer. It is illegal in the US to upload information to the Internet that is designed to mislead people into believing you are some specific person you are not (even if you don’t come out and say “I’m soandso”), so this is in all likelihood illegal. If you want to pursue this, it sounds like you have a case.

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