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Impressions by Pictures, Thoughts and Words (German)

  1. i'm trying to combine my impressions by several expressions. travelling through the world is always travelling through one self. that's what i want to attract to people.

    my words and my pics show that every journey is a life. and that every life maybe a journey ;)

    those of you living abroad or being non germans speaking the german language - i'd like to know whether you can get that kind of german spirit and tell me what is typically german and what's "universal" ;)

    thx and cheerio


    The blog I need help with is

  2. ...sorry, here's my blog:

  3. When looking for excellent German language blogs does one use gutten tag surfer?

  4. I need to brush up on my German! But beautiful pictures!

  5. May I also suggest a read more button on your post. It's better for the scrolling

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