Improbably high numbers on the facebook share button counter

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    Hi team!

    The shadowy little numbers on the facebook share buttons on my posts seem surprisingly high to me. Not impossible, just surprising.

    From what I can tell from the stats activity and general conversation, a large proportion of my blog visitors (average 150ish pageviews a day) are people I know, and am connected to on Facebook.

    Although the numbers on the counters seem in proportion to how popular the posts are by other measures (the most popular have the highest numbers), I’m surprised I’m not seeing nearly as much of people’s sharing activity in my own Facebook feeds.

    For example, the other day this post was very popular, and I spotted one friend linking to it on Facebook:

    But the Facebook share counter says 41 shares, which seems enormous given that 39 of them were invisible to me (I linked to it once as well).

    If the counter numbers are generally known to be accurate, then I’ll take the kudos and not complain! So I just wondered if I could have your opinions, please?

    Thanks very much!

    The blog I need help with is



    The numbers are generally LOW.

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