Improve link editor – at least restore previous functionality

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    Until recently the link editor would offer two custom fields:

    ‘URL’ and ‘title’

    The title field would tel you put in text that appeared when readers hovered over a link.

    This has been replaced with a field called


    which simply recapitulates the hyperlinked text in the post. I assume this has been changed to make the process easier for beginners. However, it has made things difficult for those of us who use this feature regularly for references.

    Why not provide all three fields? If this is considered ‘too complex’ for beginners, you could hide the ‘title’ field behind a ‘more’ button that reveals extra functionality.

    The blog I need help with is



    I came here to voice the same disappointment.

    One of the ‘tweaks’ that set WordPress apart from less user friendly blogs was the ability to insert unique text that would appear when hovering over a hyperlink. Now WordPress has removed this function. I’m disheartened to see WordPress is now removing functions for authors rather than adding them.

    The previous system with two fields was ideal. If an author wanted to use the linked text as the ‘hover text’ then it could be typed into the ‘text’ field. If not, the author was free to insert a specific text of his/her choosing. This development feels like a step backwards for me. :-(

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