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Improve search engine

  1. Greetings administrators,

    I would propose that the search engine of blogs would improve. I've done several searches on my blog and I realized that many of the posts found for a search are irrelevant.

    Is it possible?

    Again greetings


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you referring to search? If so, could you point out some examples of search terms you've used and found irrelevant?

  3. Well, I was referring to the seeker of each blog. At least, the seeker of my blog.

    For example:

    Search: "cristales" ("crystals" in English), and appear news that are irrelevant.

    Some news irrelevant:
    1. "Scientists discover the origin of vertigo" ("Científicos descubren el origen del vértigo" in Spanish)
    2. "Eighteenth-century Swedish ship in Kiel Bay" ("Nave sueca de siglo XVIII en bahía de Kiel" in Spanish)
    3. "The moons of Jupiter and Saturn meet the conditions for life" ("Las lunas de Júpiter y Saturno reúnen las condiciones para la vida" in Spanish)

    Greetings and thank you for your attention,


  4. Sorry but for the first article you listed, "Cientificos....", the word cristales appears in the 4th line (end of line) before the end of the post.
    I have not checked the others... but I am quite sure you should.

  5. I did...and I found the other 2...

  6. ok. I had not realized.

    He believed that the seeker was looking for keywords and titles.



  7. Search engines look for EVERYTHING unless you have a custom built database that only does keywords.

  8. No, the search doesn't include tags.

  9. Search through blog search box (built-in with some themes or added as a widget) will look for post/page titles and body text. Tags and categories are matched.

    (The one I mentioned above is different - it's a service-wide search, across all blogs on - it indexes the body text of blog posts, pages, and comments)

  10. Does the search engine for wordpress access the titles of blogs as well? When I search for 'Volunteer Fringe', it does not come up.

  11. @marneymcnall global search does not include titles.

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