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    My blog is where I display my short film work. As an aspiring film director, I want to show off my work in the best possible way, and WordPress has been a massive improvement over my last site. However, I was wondering whether anybody had some advice as to how to improve the look of static pages. As I cannot afford the VideoPress upgrade, instead I embed from Vimeo, and link to each of the separate film pages on my films page ( There never seems to be much clickthrough to the films themselves, and whilst I know this is for many seaparate reasons, I would like to improve the look and layout of the Films page if possible. Are there any improvements that I can make to the look of the page to help make it easier on the eye for viewers, and make people more likely to clickthrough to the actual films?

    Any suggestions welcome.

    The blog I need help with is


    Have you thought of actually linking either the image, or the film title (or both) on that page to the page where you have the video posted? Right now people have to go back up to the menu and select the video they want to view, and they might not realize that, or being lazy just decide not to. I was sort of expecting the title or the image to link me to the film. If you have a more accessible link for your visitors, that might improve click-throughs.


    Or even at the end of the teaser text for the film, put a “watch the video” text link, and perhaps make it bold, or a complementary color to draw attention to it.



    The images currently do link to the film pages, so that’s why I am a bit confused. Did the image not link to the pages when you clicked them, because it reaches them when I click on them.

    The extra text sounds like a good idea, I will give that a go. In terms of the layout, is there anything I can do with that, for example, having two images side by side with the text underneath? I imagine not as the theme does not have columns, but I thought I should ask.

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