Improved editing experience – how to turn off?

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    Please, I hate the new ‘improved editing experience’ which now seems to automatically cut in when I go to Edit my stuff, which I do a lot (picky professional editor…) and wish to stay forever in Classic mode.

    Is this possible?

    The main problem I have is it automatically takes out my formatting so that I have to run round via the Dashboard, reopen the file in Edit mode (which then comes up in Classic mode) and put it all back again.

    I wish people would stop messing with things. It wasn’t broke, so why fix it?

    – Uncle Bogler.

    The blog I need help with is


    themindbogls, here is my blog post with screenshots and more info on how to use the classic editor, plus links to very good workarounds:

    I use the workaround and it’s better than the cookies that WP was previously using. I never use Beep, Beep, Boop, too-blue editor for new posts or editing for the reasons you gave and other reasons.


    Okay, well, thanks for that, Dandelionsalad. You obviously know your way around. I’m rather hopeless at it, I just write stuff and store it on WordPress and wait for the 4 a.m. knock on the door.

    I’m thinking it is just as easy to close the file and reopen it in Dashboard, which I have bookmarked, where it still automatically comes up in Classic editing mode. Although God knows for how long we will be allowed to do that before the WordPress drone arrives overhead, bearing Beep, Beep, Boom!

    It’s like Snickers. What the hell was wrong with Marathon? Goddam world.



    Good luck to you, themindbogls. Navigation on WP has never been easy, and in the last year has become horrible. I feel for new users and those who are less technical in their computer knowledge.

    If you have any questions on the workarounds which I highly recommend using, tpenguinltg has been very good at answering them on his blog posts for the workarounds.

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