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Improved geotagging

  1. landscapelover

    As suggested here, I'd like to propose changes to the geotagging feature.

    At the moment, posts can only be geotagged to the centre of a city or town (and only then if the place appears on WP's database). It makes the geotag little more use than a standard tag or category.

    For those of us who write about very specific places (mine are particular gardens or sites, often in obscure, rural locations), a link just to the nearest city is worse than useless. I am working with a big travel site which wants to offer my feeds to tourists in the area, but the locations need to be properly geotagged for this to work. The site would drive more people to my site and to WP more generally, but the plans have stalled over the current WP approach to geotags. All I really want is a return to the former system, where the location of the post could be marked precisely on a map, or identified exactly in some other way.

    I think others would support this change: as well as the other posters in the link above, see:

    The blog I need help with is

  2. landscapelover

    Pleased to see that the geotagging map is back! Thank you WordPress. :)

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