Improved Publicize has broken Twitter connectivity

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    Since the change, I saw a couple of more Twitter followers that didn’t show up in stats. Tried removing Twitter and re-adding in publicize, but this just removed all Twitter followers from the subscribers list.

    Worse yet, new posts don’t get posted on Twitter.

    The blog I need help with is


    I have the same problem!!! anybody can help?



    I see that your post from October 24 was pushed out to your twitter stream.

    As per Staff replies in earlier threads regarding publicize, the twitter subscribers should come back after you’ve successfully posted again.

    When you are in the Post Editor, do you see the Publicize line in the Publish module? What does it say?



    I edited that post and republished before showing up. The next post on the 26th didn’t show up at all. I tried editing and reposting like before, but it’s a no-show.

    This is what I see in the new post page. Facebook seems to be getting the new posts just fine.


    Yes I see it, it says Twitter: @birgitwolf
    I have sent a new tweet of one of my posts… but still when I go on the my stats, twitter followers do not appear anymore




    @eksith When you say “edited that post and republished” did you delete the previous post and publish a new one? As far as I know, publicize will only be pushed out the first time a post is published.


    ok, I only re-posted… so I’ll try again when I edit a new one… TY



    Yup. At first, I just tried editing it, but then copied the content and tried deleting and re-posting, but it didn’t show up on Twitter.

    I just tried a new post and it did show up on Twitter. I guess that problem from the 26th is resolved. But I still don’t see my followers.



    Twitter now showing up in stats. I guess they fixed it just now.

    Thanks WP and thank you, Jennifer for checking things out.


    YES, TY again, after new post my twitter follwers are back on my WordPress stats :-) have a nice weekend!

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