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Improved search feature?

  1. I just hate it when I search for something on my blog using that little search box on top of it, only to find that it brings up other stuff that I don't want :(

    My guess is that the current one is also looking for keywords in posts and pages. Could it be possible ONLY to display the TITLES of POSTS? Would be great since I hate it when the search feature displays the archive page. It just feels useless.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't bother using the searchboxes on our blogs. Google is in the search business and they provide an excellent service that, which is in the blogging business will never rival.

    Example using your own blog. This is the search string format - note there is no space following the colon :
    Results >

    Example using your blog and a post title. By injecting a title of a post the search string format becomes this:
    Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening
    Results >

  3. OOPS! Please delete this from my comment above.

    Moreover, you have a static front page your posts on a Page so there are no unique URLs to the posts.

  4. Yeah but for example newbies that visit my blog wouldn't do that - would they? They would use the search box :/

  5. Yeah, I do know what you mean. You can create a text widget and include a search link for your own blog in it, as well as, instructions for using it. I've been considering doing this myself.

  6. Hmm.. but then I'd have to remove the Bueno search feature thing which I can't :/. Wouldn't it be best if WordPress worked with Google or someone else to bring a better search function? Or simply search for post titles instead of keywords inside the posts themselves?

  7. Please consider doing something about this.

  8. @TT I deleted the sentence upon your request.

  9. I would also like to see an improved search algorithm since most of our readers are not going to bother using Google etc. to search our blogs.

    Edit: I have mentioned this before they could just implement Google search widget for our blogs

  10. Although timethief has offered some Google tips to search Word Press blogs, alot of people don't want to memorize search string syntax to type in search statement..which librarians, serious researchers and maybe some computer folks might undertake. Part of the problem people is don't want to memorize specific search syntax /commands because different search engines have different search syntax requirements. Heck, most people are trying to remember multiple passwords for work, personal stuff.

    What would be helpful is & provide the option for blog developer to define field specifc search boxes...for Title, Author, Tag/Category and Year to narrow the search parameter. Like what one sees in a mega-library database.

    Now, doesn't that sound like a relational database structure? :)

    The date range search limiters would be helpful to filter extraneous search result hits,since blog content in blogsphere continues to mushroom. ie. search for xxxxx between 20007 -2010 or anything before/after 2008.

    Until WP develops this basic search engine flexibility (and please not just drop down menus from search selection boxes), it's tough for WP to claim content management software capabilities on par with much more robust content management software ie. Oracle, LiveLink, etc. which are for huge, complex business needs or for complex data management.

  11. @slikbonez

    Edit: I have mentioned this before they could just implement Google search widget for our blogs

    I don't know why would bother recreating the wheel so to speak. I would love to have Google search widget on my blog for my readers' use. If that ever happens you will hear my shout of joy reverberate throughout cyberspace.

  12. You also have to take in to account the themes that already have a built-in search function as I mentioned previously. Having 2 search boxes just looks weird.

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