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Improved Statistic View

  1. I suggest a best statistic view, not only a simple clickcounter.
    When i reload my blog, i see google-analytics loaded.
    Wordpress know all about statistics, but us, simple users know only a number ;)

  2. Please do a search in these forums. Stats has been discussed many times in the past with many solutions offered. You may also want to take a few finutes and read the FAQ. Ditto on why user added Javascripts aren't currently allowed.

    I do also believe you're missing Dashboard -> Dashboard -> Blog Stats.

    Sitemeter is available as well. There's a link on how to use it in the FAQ I link you to upabove.

    And Google Analytics/ Urchin isn't all that hot. It still won't give me a path listing on how visitors travel thru my sites and it has other issues as well. (ie If the visitor doesn't have Javascripts turned on, you're out of data. Not so with Sitemeter.)

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