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Improvements for WordPress Blog

  1. Hello,

    First, here is the link to my wordpress blog:

    I am really with wordpress but I would like to improve my blog and make it more professional and more good looking to attract more readers.

    What are your suggestions ? I am searching for some simple improvements that would make some difference

    I think moving to a .com instead of would be a good idea but, what is the best way to do this ? through wordpress ? through external hosts ? what are the advantages and disadvantages of each ?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Purchasing a domain and domain mapping instructions are found here >
    12 step blog evaluation >
    The Learn tutorial is divided into progressive levels and presented as a series:

  3. Thanks for your answer,

    However, I am not talking about how to purchase a domain. I am asking if it is a good idea and what is better between purchasing a domain with wordpress or with another external host like for example GoDaddy

  4. If you are serious about blogging, if you intend to use a blog in any commercial way and/or to create a professional reputation, then whether or not you decide to have a free hosted blog at or hire a web host and self host a blog, I recommend purchasing a domain as early as possible. This is because blogs on subdomains like lack the credibility that those on their own domains have, and a domain name tends to give your website an aura of respectability. Having your own domain means provides increased opportunities to:
    build your own unique brand, online presence, and reputation; assist your followers (readers, clients and customers) to recall and locate your site very easily.

    The pros and cons of being free hosted by or self hosting software are summed up very well in vs.

    If you are an experienced software user, and have the skill sets required to set up and manage your own self hosted install then the instructions for making the move are easy to follow. But if you are not skilled at blogging, and also lack the skill sets required to self host your own install then acquiring those skills first is recommended.

    Here at Staff does for us what we must do ourselves on a install. When you have a install you are responsible for all upgrades, installations, backups and troubleshooting. If you install a theme or a plugin that negatively affects your blog, then you have to figure out what went wrong and fix it. Sometimes it is a conflict with another plugin, sometimes is it is just a poorly written plugin. For self-hosting figure an average monthly total cost (including cost of a domain name) of about $10 to $25 generally, but that all depends on storage and bandwidth requirements.

  5. Okay, thanks a lot !

    I checked your blog by the way and I really liked it =) I just followed you on twitter to stay updated about your posts !

    I think for the time being I will just purchase a domain without moving to Maybe i'll move to .org later !

  6. Now lets deal with traffic and SEO and the myth that moving to a install will increase both. Hogwash! The SEO is excellent here at where our blogs are part of a huge blogging community on a blogging platform that has high PageRank. Some of that Google juice flows to our blogs simply because they are a part of the community and our posts are all entered into the tagging pages under the categories and tags we assign to them.

    When one moves blog content to a install that all disappears. All those links to your blog from the global tagging pages are gone because your blog is no longer part of the community. You now have a stand alone install and it takes at least 6 months to build up your blog and PageRank again.

    Now let's deal with the traffic myth. 'Build it and they will come' is not applicable to blogs. Blogging is both competitive and cooperative. The bottom line is there is no such thing as passive blog promotion. If you have a blog then you need to work your butt off promoting it throughout social networks. This relationship building takes time and is built on reciprocity. All of us need to develop social networking strategy for blog promotion and integrate a time management plan into it.

    In reality if your blog does not currently attract 1,000 – 1,500 unique visitors every day, and your traffic stats do not demonstrate a growth trend, then it’s unlikely that you will much more than covering web hosting costs. Moving from to means you will have added responsibilities so don’t hurry into self hosting thinking you will be handsomely paid for the effort.

  7. Wow that's interesting =)

    Thanks for your help !

  8. I beginning to feel like a broken record on this subject. :D You're welcome.

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  10. I still have a last question:

    I would like to change the theme of my blog and I checked all the proposed wordpress themes and none of them really interested me. Is there any other solution ?

  11. The only "other solution" is to purchase an annually renewable CSS upgrade and do the editing work yourself.

    Please let me be frank. While it is important to have clean theme that has intuitive navigation, a pleasing appearance that appeals to all demographic groups and loads very quickly, do be aware that returning readers do not come back to blogs simply to view themes. The content must be the draw and that's where the majority of your time and attention must be focused.

    There are over 100 free themes here and what you have to determine for yourself is where your time, energy, and money are best spent in terms of converting casual visitors into regular readers and subscribers. What will bring in traffic and increase comments? What will increase your regular readers and subscribers? Will your time and energy investment into theme tweaking come anywhere near producing a traffic flow to your blog that investing the same amount of time and energy into content creation, sussing out your competition learning, and applying SEO to your content and images? Will your time and energy be better spent on content creation, blog promotion, social networking, commenting on other blogs and relationship building?

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