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    (I’m not sure if this is the right place but there are 2 things think would really help to improve WordPress and I’m not sure how to let the designers know?)

    Dear WordPress Designers,

    I was wondering if there was any way WordPress would consider making 2 improvements which would REALLY help navigation around a site?

    These are both things that has and I wish WordPress could do them too – it is the only area where I feel that it falls down in comparison to Blogger:

    1) the ability for the Blog Archive to expand when you click on a month, so that it shows all the post titles in that month in a list below the month. And similarly, being able to click on a year and having it expand into the months. This also means you can collapse older years when you don’t need to see them.

    – Mar 09
    * * My new bone!
    * * A walk on the beach
    – Feb 09
    – Jan 09

    2) the ability to still see the Sidebar and all the navigation links when you click on a SINGLE post entry. At the moment, if you click on a specific entry, you go to a page which only has that post and all the comments associated with it – and on the right, where the sidebar normally would be, is just a bit of info saying “Archived Entry” with tags, etc. But there is no way to navigate back to the main blog page or previous posts. This means that if people come to your blog through one entry only, it is not easy to encourage them to read other posts because there is no easy way for them to navigate to the rest of your blog! With Blogger, at the bottom of the post – there is a link to “Older Posts” – plus their side-bar remains the same so your reader can see the other months (& titles) in the Blog Archive and be encouraged to explore more.

    (Please forgive me if these functions are available but I can’t seem to find them!)

    Thank you very much

    The blog I need help with is



    Regarding item 2: I believe this is a peculiarity of the Connections theme – it’s the way that theme’s designer intended it to work. Most other themes will show your regular sidebar.

    Regarding item 1: it’s possible this will happen in future. To be honest though, date-based navigation is rarely used by readers (they mostly use search and tags) so it’s not a high priority.

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