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    I hope this hasn’t been asked before, so apologies if it has (and for those who have answered it in the past and my search hasn’t found your answer, please at least link me to the earlier answers!)

    My question is simple: I want to improve the overall success rate of Google searches finding my site.

    For example, if I do a search of a particular category that I’ve written about (and use the image search function), I find my site’s logo over and over, and not the actual images. How do I change that?

    I use Categories only – should I use tags in preference, or both, or does the categories work well?

    I have looked at search results for my particular topics, and the result includes a link to WordPress which claims that there are no posts on WordPress about the tag in question. How can that be when WordPress claim that their tags and categories are completely interchangable? Do I need to categorise, and tag, every single post?

    I really don’t like the fact that WordPress claims a particular topic has never been written about, when I know for a fact that I have, and have categorised it accordingly.

    What do I need to do to my images to improve their likelyhood of being found during a search?

    Suggestions etc much appreciated.


    I have no helpful answer for you except maybe using tags, on how to improve google presence on images themselves, but I do know that a freaking incredible theme was just released to us for photobloggers. Wonder if that would help any. It think it’s called Monotone.


    it usually takes about six months for an image to be indexed in google’s image search. so the first lesson is: be patient! :D
    other than that…….

    relatively hi-res images have better luck.

    always use “alt” tags for your images – search engines “read” images.

    try using image captions (just insert the image in a table and use the table caption as an image caption) – search engines love captions.

    name images properly for search enhine benefits. if you have an image about a morning in paris, then the image should be titled something like morning-in-paris.jpg .
    don’t use morning_in_paris.jpg – there’s a world of difference between a dash and an underscore when it comes to naming images. if a person searches for an image about a morning in paris, an image titled “morning-in-paris” has better chance than one called “morning_in_paris”

    and no, although the faq states that you can’t use special characters for image names, using dashes is no problem. i have tested and i use it for the reason mentioned above.

    try submitting your images to social bookmarking sites – that will help your images get backlinks and will boost their searchibility.

    i hope this helps. :D


    oh, some more tips………

    the alt tag should include a small descriotion of the image. so for an image called “morning-in-paris”, you could write “morning in paris” in alt tag.

    generally speaking, a post title is significant for finding something in a search engine. so if you have an image called morning-in-paris, try to put these words in the post title.

    surround the image with some text that describe the image (5w’s and 1h maybe). search engines love descriptions. so even if your post doesn’t need image descriptions, put some anyway if you are hunting for seo.

    link the image in a post to something (at least the to the original image file online). and use title tag between a and href. the title tag has some benefits as well. the words in the title tag can be similar to those in the alt tag.

    phew……i think you have enough to chew on at the moment, no? :D



    Thanks for that – will try putting some into action and see what happens.



    good tips =)



    I totally agree that the names you use for everything makes a huge difference. Use all of the tools wordpress provides: categories, tags, the blog title, the post title, words within your post, the image name and “alt tag”. I learned about all of these things from reading “problogger”, and I went from invisible on Google to being on the first page (often #1) over the past year. I think that being consistent about what you blog about helps a lot too. When naming things, try to think about what words someone would use when searching, and say the same thing in different ways too. Being linked to by other blogs and sites seems to help as well (especially in posts, and especially from blogs of related content and higher Google page rank). It does take time though, so be patient :)!

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