In a dither about SEO, pretty new at this…

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    I’ve been reading and trying to learn more about making our sites more search engine friendly. Even saw where a blog title can be renamed in order to make the title work more like, keywords (of course I would want to do something about adding a custom header with the old title, which I am fond of). I’m hesitant, concerned about changing it and messing up things such as Technorati, etc. Guess we have to go back and give them a different title, it won’t “automatically” change…

    I also read about using Post titles as Alt info, I’ve never used Alt attributes correctly so that’s new again… I don’t even have Tags used properly on my sites. Lots of manual labor to do there! – over something like 200 posts, whoo.

    Would making these changes be adequate to increase my SEO rankings? (And yes, my current dot com site is set on private, but that’s subject to change)…

    I have more Q’s but I’d better put that off, I’m getting downright muddled, LOL

    I used to think just the submission of an URL to the search ‘bots was all we really needed to do…esp. when a blog isn’t being used as an online “store” anyway…it’s just a photo blog. :)

    The blog I need help with is


    In seeing this here post-

    I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I’d be wise to just move back over here from dot Org to dot Com…you guys make things so much easier for us non-techies w/o a lot of free time… I’m losing my marbles over there!!



    I moved a blog back to last March and I’m glad I did. Since that time a few bloggers I know have done the same.

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