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In a need of plugin

  1. Hey guys. I'm building an educative site using WordPress (video and textual) lessons and I need a certain plugin.

    Plugin needs to offer something like this:

    Also, I need a place where I can put for example microsoft word documents so they are merged as one tutorial.

    Can anyone please help me ?

  2. there you go.

    As for Word, you can just upload the Word docs to your media library and link to them all on one page or in a widget.

  3. Thanks for your response but this is not what I need. If you click on the PDF I provided, I need a space for tutorials like on and such. What you posted is just some kind of photo album or call it whatever.

    Thank you anyway! :)

  4. Oh, I misunderstood. I thought you wanted to embed issu documents.

    Are you building this site on You might find it a bit limited for your needs.

  5. I m building site on my VPS, I'm a web developer and just looking for a plugin cause otherwise coding one would take a lot of time.

    Need some plugin that looks like a file I provided in my first post :). The right page.

  6. You are in the wrong forum then and need to be at WordPress.ORG.

  7. Why am I at the wrong forums :) ?
    I m using WordPress and therefor asking for help on the official forums on it's script. I don't see problem in that. I'm not asking for anything but information about certain plugin and I'm sure that people who owe the information will be glad to help.

  8. If you are a web developer and do not know the difference between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG you have your homework cut out for you.

    For starters, you cannot use a plugin on a blog.

  9. Thank you Raincoaster, whatsoever I didn't come here to argue with anyone, just came for some help and if you are not able to provide it, I will nicely please you to stop wasting your and my own time.


  10. Yes. Several comments ago I told you that you were in the wrong forums. You may persist if you like, but if you do, don't complain about other people wasting YOUR time.

  11. , I will nicely please you to stop wasting your and my own time.

    That's good coming from someone who posted in the wrong forum!

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