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In appropriate, topics being tagged or categorized on my blog highlights....

  1. riveroflifelisajoy

    This is what it says on the cover page....


    "My personal blogs that I have written are listed with title and a small paragraph.

    But the Blogs about Middle Class Dilema are "taged"---it is set up as follows:


    1) Porn Star Applicants
    2) Michaela Schaffrath
    3) Shemmale Domination
    4) Breast Augmentation
    5) Big Tits centerfold
    6) Second life fashion
    7) Pornstar Videos
    8) Apathy Internation
    9) Romance Books Adult
    10) Sexual Intelligence

  2. riveroflifelisajoy

    Just so you understand. I did not place those tags in any of my writing! So why are they showing up in my work? Can someone help me to take that NASTY STUFF OFF MY BLOG ABOUT MIDDLE CLASS DILEMA?????? I write about good clean topics that do not relate to any type of NASTY STUFF AT ALL! tHIS IS DISGUSTING! tHAT IS INAPPROPRIATE. WORDPRESS.COM PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  3. I am a little lost. Where exactly did this show up? You have a link? The link in your profile shows up as which doesn't even resolve to anything. Is it this blog:

    I don't see anything.


  4. Do you mean "Inappropriate"?

  5. Wasn't "Inappropriate" a famous Kids in the Hall skit? Ah, reliving the early 90s again.

  6. riveroflifelisajoy

    Did you ever get that "Featured Blog" and something you wrote was the"head liner"---well, that is where the tags are showing up next to the "Featured Blog"---Example the Middle Class Dilema... please get back to me. And yes, I said inappropriate. I work in an educational field....that word is bantered about like dirty socks in a washing machine...ya know. Any way....please click on a featured blog and check out the tags. Thank you.

  7. The TAG PAGE shows those additional tags.

    It's probably because you're the only person who uses that tag and the program trying to figure out what tags could be related is pretty much out of good ideas. Staff will need to take a look at that.

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