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In case you've missed Alec Baldwin's phone call threatening his daughter.

  1. Now he might leave 30 Rock.

  2. He wants to but the network said no.

  3. Publicity stunt. Not believing that for a second.

    Given what these two egonauts have put their kid through, I wonder about what they'd have called the rest of their children: Cyprus, Haditha, Timor...

  4. I've heard for years that he was physically abusive to Kim and verbally to her and their daughter. He terrorizes his co-stars and someone quit a play after he punched a wall after yelling at her.

  5. I heard the same thing the other way.

  6. startlingmoniker

    I heard he only eats one cracker a day, and that he got hit by three zebras and a monkey. Wait. That was Missy Elliot. MY BAD!

  7. No matter what the circumstance, no parent has the right to personally attack his or her child.

  8. Right on, flavadave!

  9. defrostindoors

    I was out shopping yesterday and walked past a man, woman, and crying boy, who looked about 7. I don't know what he was crying about but the man (father? stepfather? bf?) kept telling the kid to f-- off and shut up. :(

  10. Now David Hasslehoff is videotaped drunk by his daughter:

  11. It's astonishing that this blogger and others, who spam the forums with libelous remarks intended to defame the reputation of others, do not recognize what their legal responsibilities to others are.

  12. Those vultures will come home to roost soon enough. The very first thing I say to my classes of new bloggers is, "The internet will teach you every lesson about being human that you need to know, and it will start immediately."

  13. There;s a mildly humorous spoof video of this on youtube that has some footage of Dora the Explorer answering a phone and getting Baldwin and his ranting message on the other end. That guy makes me sick.

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