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In honor of Challenge

  1. today I posted about how much I loved wordpress and all of its functionality, so I think it would be fun, in honor of wordpress to start a favorites thread.

    Each poster should post a link to one of their own favorite posts and then also post a link to one of their fav posts by another user. So thats a total of two links per thread post. Like this:

    My fav post by me-

    My fav post by another blogger-

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I like this idea too, but picking a favourite post of someone else is HARD! I have so many!

    However, I will keep to the focus of my own blog, so my favourite by another is this one which shows a professional's opinion about our crazy system: (For clarity, our visa is a different subclass - here Grant is speaking of onshore applications, we are offshore)

    For my own, I like this one:

    I like it because I was able to quantify the nonsense.

  3. @ everyone, thanks for participating. and just to clarify, if y'all are having a hard time finding a favorite, or yours or someone else's do not fret. Just find a post that you really like and shout it out. and come back and repost as many times as you wont. My goal was to get more traffic to as many people as possible on some quality posts. That's what these forums are all about, advertising other's works and of course our own as well. There are so many incredible bloggers on wordpress and they all deserve as much exposure as possible. ♥

  4. There is one blog that I follow religiously and he never promotes himself here, so I am going to.

    The man is currently detailing his medical malpractice lawsuit and trust me, it is riviting reading. Here is the first entry:

    The serious entries are labeled Part one, Part Two etc and are interspersed with his usual humorous entries.

    WELL WORTH THE READ! (@raincoaster - sorry for the caps, but they are warrented in this case!)

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