in-line latex elements have poor vertical alignment

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    All of the latex elements I insert in mid paragraph are vertically aligned way too high. I’m assuming this is completely beyond my power to fix, so I’m asking wordpress to look at this post, preferably using Firefox 5, to see what I mean. If there is a way of fixing it myself, could somebody please let me know?

    The blog I need help with is



    update: It looks like it depends on the theme. Wu Wei is particularly bad. I’ve switched to Contempt and it’s a bit better. Now, in-line latex is a little bit to lowly vertically aligned. Is there a theme with correct vertical alignment for in-line latex?



    Vertical alignment.. Hmmm.. I think TwentyTen theme is the best for it. However, you can do this manually too.
    $latex {your LaTeX code here} \\ {your second LaTeX code} \\ ....$
    This pattern makes a column of various math characters.


    You can adjust the vertical alignment of a mid-paragraph element by using this code in the HTML editor:
    <span style="vertical-align:25%;">YOUR LATEX CODE HERE</span>
    You can freely change the percentage – can be negative too.

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