In my stats, the "busiest day" has changed to a less busy day than before.

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    I know stats aren’t everything, and my blog typically gets a very low hit count, which is fine – but I’m curious about this.

    My “busiest day” on the stats page has been unchanged ever since late 2011 – November, I think – when someone tweeted a post of mine and I got a surge of hits.

    This morning I logged in, glanced at stats, and noticed straight away that the figure looked different (it always catches my eye). The stats now say that my busiest day was in July 2012 – another day I remember, and I’m pretty sure it used to be my second-busiest day. The number of hits is about 15 lower than the day that was formerly showing.

    There’s probably a good reason, but I can’t work it out; can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is


    My stats aren’t changing at all…..

    Could you do me a favour and please click on mine to see if anything happens? thanks.


    Sure – I’ve just clicked on your home page and then onto your latest post.

    Since posting above I’ve looked at a few old threads, and while I can’t see exactly this issue, I did spot something about stats being affected by the clocks changing.

    As they changed last night, maybe that’s the issue with me as well? Not sure I understand why, though.


    Thanks Jaqueline, my stat counter has gone up by 3.

    I hope you get your problem sorted.

    I’m checking out your blog now.

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